Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need a demolition permit for my project?
  • Can Demo Works assist me with my permit?
  • How do I know my home contains Asbestos?
  • Do I need to test for HAZMAT before demolition?
  • Can Demo Works provide a waste audit report?
  • What is the turnaround time on demo quotes?

“You need to obtain a building permit to relocate or demolish an existing building or structure. Your demolition application will be reviewed to ensure compliance with safety requirements that may need to be adhered to during or after the demolition of the structure, as well as with applicable law (e.g., Demolition Control By-law and the Ontario Heritage Act) Clearance certificates from utilities confirming services have been severed and capped must be obtained as well.” For more information on the application process and fees.


If you are satisfied with our quote and you have decided to retain our services, we can certainly assist you with your permit requirements. Our professional staff will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the process. We are here to help. Call us today for a free consultation. You have nothing to loose.

In order to identify hazardous material in your home, a designated substance survey (DSS) must be completed by an environmental engineering or consulting firm. Most building material made today do not contain asbestos. However, until the late 1970’s, many types of building material and insulation used in homes contained asbestos. If your home was built pre 1980’s, it’s very likely that some of the material within your dwelling are ACM.  A DSS report will most likely be required as part of your demolition permit process. Consult with your local building permit authority.

“In Ontario, section 30 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that a project owner identify designated substances on the project and provide a list to prospective constructors before contracts are finalized. Designated substances are particularly hazardous, especially when adequate controls are not in place to protect workers. They can cause cancers, strong allergic reactions, liver and lung problems, and effects on the nervous system.” For more information on the owner’s duties.


At Demo Works, we give priority to waste management and recycling on all of our demolition projects. We comply with the Ontario Regulations for construction waste removal. Waste Audit reports are available upon request. Call us today for more information. (613) 667-1344.

Our policy is to respond within 24 hours to all  inquires. In most cases, quotes are provided within 48 hours after the initial phone call has been made with the potential client. For more complex projects different rules apply. Please call us today for a free consultation and estimate.